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Reflective or immersive

Whether you want to lose yourself in nature or throw yourself into the Atlantic ocean, there’s something here for everybody.



A hike on foot or trek on horseback. An unhurried game of golf. A peaceful lakeside morning waiting for trout to bite. Surfing or swimming in the bracing Atlantic. A slow lunch in front of a turf fire. A luxurious dinner in spectacular surroundings. Soaking up culture, art, music, poetry, from small galleries and vibrant local festivals.



Take a bike and head off on a journey over hills and along clifftops at the edge of Europe. Walk across sand dunes to golden, uninhabited beaches. Spot deer running wild through the National Park. Diverse in landscape, rich in history, there’s a lifetime of exploring on hand.



NW Donegal is rich with culture. Experience local crafts-makers, wander around historic houses, immerse yourself in a summer festival or watch a game of Gaelic football between local rival teams. Language, music and tradition are at the heart of Irish culture and are particularly strong in Donegal.



A pint of Guinness and world class seafood fresh from the Atlantic. Or try an award-winning local stone-baked pizza made from unexpected local and seasonal ingredients. From small cafes to contemporary Irish cooking, whatever you crave, NW Donegal has lots to offer those in search of authentic Irish taste and flavour.



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