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Embrace the Wild Atlantic Ocean

← Journal | 06.07.17 by Breac.

Embrace the Wild Atlantic Ocean

Being so far north and west, the sun comes up early here in NW Donegal and sets late. What better way to start the day than a swim in the wild Atlantic Ocean. Jump on one of our specially provided hybrid bikes and take the easy downhill route to the beautiful Kilahoey strand - don't hang about, just jump in and keep moving ! After cycling back up to Breac.House, your breakfast will be waiting for you in your room - including homemade breads, pastries, yoghurt and some local salmon and seasonal fruit. 

Now it's time to cycle up to the Horn Head lookout tower, with spectacular views over the 600ft high cliffs - on a clear day you can see along the North Donegal coast, Tory Island and across the water to the western isles of Scotland.  Visit the former lookout tower, which was used during World War II. Walk on to see the Napoleonic tower, which was built in or around 1804-06. 

For bird spotters, the Horn Head cliffs are an internationally important colony for breeding seabirds - such as the razorbill and the European shag - and have special protection status.

Continue around the headland by bike and see Sheephaven Bay open up before you, with the iconic Muckish mountain coming into view - you can climb that another day. You are now on the route which National Geographic Traveller Magazine, when awarding Donegal the coolest tourism location for 2017, described Horn Head as "a driving, walking or cycling loop that squeezes the 1,600 mile Wild Atlantic Way into a 4.5m nutshell".

Having earned your dinner, why not sample some of the best country-house cooking which Ireland can offer and eat at the nearby award winning Mill Restaurant - you may get to sample amazing local seafood our even some local delicacies including Horn Head goat !