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Seaweed Relaxation

← Journal | 06.07.17 by Breac.

Seaweed Relaxation

Wake up late, safe in the knowledge that breakfast is waiting for you in your private in-room hatch. Take a Donegal tweed throw and sit on your outdoor terrace with panoramic South facing views over the beach, lake and the iconic Muckish and Errigal mountains. 

After a short stroll on one of the local trails, it is time to soak in a seaweed bath in our custom designed wet room. The bath is big enough for two and we use locally harvested organically treated Atlantic seaweed - many varieties of which are found in abundance locally, including dulse, carogeen moss, kelps and wracks. Seaweed baths have been a traditional treatment in Ireland for centuries - due to the amazing curative properties of seaweed. It will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin will feel silky and supple.

While you could opt for a walk, a cycle or a drive around the area, the best thing to do next is probably to curl up and relax for the afternoon. Weather permitting, you can relax on the outdoor terrace, beside the outdoor fire - or indoors in the library or lounge where you can read a book or listen to music on our 1972 B&O record player (with headphones so you can play it as loud as you like) - or just sit at the window and watch the landscape change with the weather and the passing of the day. You may be in luck and get to taste some little treats coming from the kitchen.

To finish your day, we will make you an evening picnic and direct you to one of the great viewing spots - food always tastes better outdoors. If you fancy, you can walk the long way home and sample a pint of Guinness in one of the local pubs.